If there is any phrase that became common among young people through the start of 2020, it was the phrase “Regardless we move”. The phrase means that no matter what happens, physical, social or any other challenge, life must go on. Now if that is not your attitude then you need to revise your 2020 goals-but that is away from the point.

Today 17th March 2020, the Y+ Summit edition 6 officially kicked off at Hotel Africana in Kampala. Over the years, the summit has been a collection point for many young people living with HIV/AIDS across Uganda to liaise new tactics in the fight against the scourge. So with a new theme “Changing The Narrative” we stepped out today to move-to take the message forward regardless. This short write up paints a picture of how action-packed and fun day 1 has been.

The Arrival with Strong Women at the Front

Day 1 had a sub-theme; Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. After arrivals and welcoming remarks from our Executive Director Mr. Nicholas Nuwagaba, the first 3 speakers were women, as if to fit the sub-theme. They weren’t just any other women but women of influence. In the lead was Lillian Mworeko from International Community of Women Living with HIV Eastern Africa (ICWEA). She set the platform for Amy Cunningham, The PEPFAR Country Coordinator. Her remarks were solid, going around resilience of young people in the face of stigma and discrimination.
After Amy, we had Prof Maggie Kigozi, a renowned business guru in Uganda. She talked business alright, dollars shillings pounds and all. What was more remarkable was how she tied knowledge from the world of business to young people in lieu of Gender Equality. She talked forgiveness and determination, adding that at the end of the day, all young people “will end up in business regardless of their gender or status”. Finally, we received the Executive Director of Alliance of Women Advocating for Change (AWAC) Kyomya Mclean, who shed light on Gender awareness terms and definitions. 

The Panel Beating.

No violence here. We are just saying there was a panel that polished the views of young people youth leadership, movement building and transformational leadership. The way Elizabeth Mushabe from UN Women in Uganda worked this panel was amazing. She evoked emotional stories from the audience and shared invaluable tips on becoming stronger and better leaders. One of the most straight forward panels we have had in a while.

Breaking Away to Come Together

Today’s breakaway sessions further spelt what is known as Gender Equality and Women empowerment. 5 breakaway sessions, 2 led by men and 3 led by women. Beat that! In these sessions, we talked about male involvement in ending VAWG, SGBV and the Law, SGBV and religion and more. This was wrapped up by abstract presentations from our young ambassadors and a presentation on the YAPS model by Dr. Jackie from UNICEF.

Quote of the Day

Today’s quote came from Elizabeth Mushabe, UN Women on leadership qualities

“A good leader is the one who serves and puts others forward”. Always remember that when you get into leadership positions.

That’s a wrap for today. We will be back tomorrow, busier, happier and fun to the bone! Keep following us across all social media platforms under the hashtags #YPlusSummit20 and #ChangingTheNarrative to be in the loop of all updates.


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