It is said that; only travelers tell extraordinary stories! our thrilling adventure to the Land of Odii in search of the
next Miss/Mr. Y+ Northern Region 2020/21 is one for the books. The Land of Odii mothers over 14 districts that
are the homes of the Langi, Karamojong, Itesots and Kwaku people. From the long- haul ride and the bumpy
roads with rhythmic sounds of Aza, our excitements kept gearing up until our final destination in Kwania District.
On Friday, October 23rd, our first reception was held at the District Local Government Headquarters where we
held a community Dialogue with selected district officials and other relevant stakeholders to understand the
reasons behind the widespread levels of stigma and discrimination in the communities. 

With smiles and enchants, Mr. Okello Anthony, the Chairman LCV of Kwania Town council officiated the
dialogue. He expressed that he was genuinely concerned about the effects of the rampant stigma in
communities that continues to limit many from accessing HIV prevention, treatment, and care services.
He quoted that; “Living with HIV is Not a death sentence”, and people needed NOT to fear accessing life-saving
medications because they are the gate pass to ending AIDS-related Deaths. Mr. Ojok Peter, the Incharge of
Aduku Health Centre IV restated that stigma and Discrimination were hatched in families with many parents NOT
being role models to their children.
The stakeholders highlighted that; there was an urgent need to promote HIV/AIDS awareness at all levels in the
communities including; strengthening the family institution to enable parents and caretakers to disclose to their
children and to support them to live positively with HIV.  

As we wrapped the day, we interacted with the residents of Aduku village, alongside our energetic peers, we
camped the central market and sensitized market vendors about COVID19 and the importance of maintaining
personal hygiene and sanitation amidst the Pandemic. We also cleaned the market and distributed 1,000 female
and male Condoms. As the evening sun cast long shadows on the ground, we had to rest in preparations for yet
another exciting day. 
The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky with golden fingers of sunlight lighting up the scene of the
auditions indeed the long-awaited day was finally here; 52 beautiful and charming contestants stormed the
venue, each confident and excited about becoming the face of the North. We must say, the competition was stiff
but the 3 judges made who included Naluggwa Milly- Project officer with RHITES- LANGO, Mr. Patrick Ayek,
lecturer and medical officer with Lira University Hospital and our very own Hajarah Asiimwe; Miss Y+ Western
region 2018/19
the final decision on which 4 contestants were amazingly extraordinary; Emotions and applause filled the room
as the judges presented the winners.
Ladies and gentlemen, behold are the Mr/Miss Y+ Northern Region 2020/21 and their runners up. 

  • Mr. Y+; Odongo Ronald, 24 years from Apwori HC 3, Kwania District. 
  • Miss Y+; Acio Gladys, 22 years from TASO Gulu, Gulu district,
  • 1st Runners up; Mr. Y+; Otim Oscar, 19 years from Lira Regional Referral Hospital
  • Miss Y+; Aketch Flower Nightingale, 19 years from Lira Regional Referral Hospital. 
    Next stop is the western region where we shall conduct the final auditions in Kabale district, on 31 st October 2020.
    Be sure to follow the hashtag, #ChangingTheNarrative #Ypluspageant20, also catch us live on our face book page
    as we get to find out who will wear the crown.


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