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Let’s teach you a new way to greet. “Have you washed your hands?”

Yes, because staying safe is Paramount in this period, and on top of staying home we are making interventions for young people living with HIV to access health services. All over Uganda 🇺🇬, our ambassadors have been busy brokering health services 🏥 to their peers. Here’s an update

Challenges 🚨🚨: For the largest part, most of the people have so many myths and misconceptions around COVID19, with some believing that Alluvia can heal it. There are also limitations in reaching health centres because of limited movements, hence missing ART appointments 😞. People with TB are also being viewed as carriers of COVID19 (like, heck?? 🤷🏿‍♂️). From the onset, there was a lot of sensitization to do. This is how it went down in the different parts of the country

CENTRAL: In Wakiso, Mukono and Kampala, Lubangakene Obua, Hillary Nuwamanya, Clare Nampenja, Ruth Akulu and Joseph Kakande supported Baylor and Mildmay Entebbe to dispatch drugs in Salama, Bulaga, Nsambya, Kitooro, Kisenyi landing sight and nearby towns. They also sensitized the community on proper handwashing. They delivered to a total of 49 people combined 👏🏿

EASTERN UGANDA: In Jinja, Iganga, Bugiri, Mbale and Kamuli, teams led by Derrick Mbalya and Samanya Ibrahim partnered TASO, Iganga Hospital and other health centres to start dispatching drugs to clients.
They reached a total of 161 people.

WESTERN UGANDA: The ambassadors in Mbarara, Rukungiri and Fort Portal led by Rocky Emmanuel and Mugerwa Swabri took the mantle to remind clients to fetch their drugs. They reached a total of 30 people 💪🏿

NORTHERN UGANDA: Sharon Amongin, Henry Kirabira and Oscar Ewaa supported Baylor and led teams that championed peer health education and dispatched drugs in Kwenia district, Omito, Ngeta, Boroboro and nearby towns and availing phone calls for psycho-social support. They reached a total of 14 people in Kwenia District alone.

As UNYPA we shall keep supporting these young people as we advocate for better lives for all YPLHIV in this period. Special thanks to the Government of Uganda through Ministry of Health to keep COVID19 at bay while prioritising YPLHIV 🥳 Stay home, wash your hands and stay safe 🥰.

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  1. Thank You UNYPA for being a blessing to YPLHIV and in this crisis, you have proven to the world that it’s our responsibility to prioritize the rights to service provision to YPLHIV


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