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Yearly Archives: 2019

Onto the West One

Western Uganda is known for many things but chiefly, being home to the tallest Mountain, Rwenzori. That 5,000 metre high mountain sets the pace for the region’s landscape, with such undulating terrain almost everywhere you turn. It also holds some of the lowest temperatures in Uganda, with the green vegetation always welcoming a beautiful sunset. With that kind of setting, you must guess what the people from the far west look like; absolutely beautiful. So in this land of mountains, sunsets, milk and honey, The Y+ campaign went searching for a King and Queen, setting camp in Kasese District.

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The weekend of 12th October had us in Uganda’s land of the Jewels, Karamoja. We had pitched camp in Moroto, widely acclaimed as the capital city of Uganda’s Northern Region, for our Northern Region of the 2019 Y+ beauty pageant. Life has thrived in Moroto for a very long time, as Archeological finding Morotopithecus, dated 20.6 million years ago can testify. Backed with its rich culture, mountainous terrain and balance between post modernism and raw Karimojong tradition, we couldn’t find a better place to isolate beauty and transitional ideas.

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Take violence one side, this slapping is all positive, because we couldn’t find a better word to explain the impact of the Central Auditions of the Y+ beauty pageant, the very first one for the 2019 edition. It was not just a memorable crowning but also a two-day experience of rigorous activities, impacting both young and old people with the message of HIV/AIDS Awareness.

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A week Of Crowns and Team Wins

Some weeks are better than others and last week was definitely one of our best. Having only sent out our first announcement for the upcoming YPlus Pageant, we were hyped by the news of our former Miss Y+ Gloria Nawanyaga in the finals for Miss Uganda, a very reputed beauty pageant in the land. While we were at it, we also received a huge visit from our colleagues at Right Here Right Now, and we buckled up to set out for a thrilling experience. If you have time to read 300 words, let us take you down the memories of our past 7 days.

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Candlelight Memorial Event and All the Fire Flame Emojis

If May 2019 gave us anything to remember, it definitely was the Candlelight Memorial Event. The event that struck across 13th to 17th of May brought together a number of organisations and individuals to commemorate those who have succumbed to AIDS, encourage those living with HIV and reinvigorate the fight against the disease. The biggest catch for us of course was that with our youthful touch and vibe, we were trusted to take lead on the event and we set right away to work.

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The Y+ Summit: The Style of Wrapping Things Up

Our goal was to start the Y+ Summit and finish it with the same energy and thankfully to many supporting hands, we managed to do exactly that. Seeing Nile Hall at Hotel Africana transforming into a bevy of activity with 400 heads moving around, sharing information, laughing, listening and learning filled us with that sense of satisfaction a child gets from eating momma’s food. Thanks again to that support, what a way we signed out! Meaningful panel discussions, the who is who in the reproductive health and HIV space sparing time off their busy schedule to come through for young people and such transformative participation by the audience, we were proud to bow out like that, knowing that impact had been made.

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Day 2 of the Y+ Summit; Making the Policy Influencers Of Tomorrow

We are migrating officially from the 90-90-90 targets to the 95-95-95 by 2030! That obviously means we have made great steps in curbing HIV/AIDS, so we need to cement the forces that will accelerate the forces that will make this possible; the young people. It is for this reason that we have spent the second day dealing with the theme “Peers in Advocacy”. It’s been another day of fun and engagement, so let’s share the highlights with you

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