2020 was a year where we were “Changing the Narrative” and we also greatly impacted the lives of Young People living with HIV. Even though we were interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, we came strong with the tremendous work that was done by the Y+ Ambassadors who were at the frontline. They ensured that they reached their Communities with HIV services like ART treatment, TB treatment, as well as, SRHR Commodities like Condoms but also offered psychosocial support during their home visits within the communities. They reached a total number of 7,651,115

As the term of Mr. Nicholas Niwagaba– Outgoing Executive Director has recently come to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you(Nicholas) for your hard work and commitment in building and growing UNYPA to what it is today. Over the last three years, your stewardship of UNYPA has been characterized by innovative ideas, strategic thinking and, most valuably, your tireless efforts to increase the credibility and visibility of UNYPA Regionally, Nationally and Internationally. The resulting recognition has become an asset to the network, and the relationships you have fostered with our partners and stakeholders will ensure UNYPA will prosper and continue to offer opportunities to advance sustainable effective solutions to the young people living with HIV.

By all measures, UNYPA has improved under your watch with cementing the confidence of our donors and partners for funding, increasing our membership, building a growing team of young and committed talents inside the organization, enhancing the quality and impact of the Secretariat and recognition of its outputs not forgetting improving the financial stability and building a great relationship with our partners.

Your energy and devotion to the role will be difficult to match but you leave UNYPA a better organization and on a strong footing for those who follow you. Much Appreciation to the team that is Olga Namukuza – Programs Manager, Ruth Awori – Programs Officer, Nakato Martha –Advocacy & Policy Officer, Edwin Kiberu- Information Technology Officer, Adam Mukiibi-Transport Officer, Henry Rwabuhinga – Finance Manager and Nakayiza Lovincah – Accountant for the hard work and commitment to achieving the organization mission. We as well look forward to a new year of more greatness.

A big applause to our international partners and Donors AIDSFOND, UNFPA, UNAIDS, FRONTLINE AIDS, ARASA, RUTGERS, CORDAID, GLOBAL FUND,GNP+, UN WOMEN, PATA and local partners NAFOPHANU, RHU, STRAIGHT TALK FOUNDATION, MUJHU, JCRC, UGANET, SRHR alliance, Baylor Uganda, TASO, Mildmay, Uganda Cares, ICWEA, RAHU, AMS, we appreciate your continuous support towards creating an enabling environment for the young people living with HIV in Uganda.

At the beginning of the year, UNYPA carried out a process of recruiting a new Executive Director. As a result, we are pleased to introduce to you the newly appointed Executive Director of UNYPA, Mr. Lekdyang Isaac. Isaac is a young male born in Kampala in 1996 and an Engineer by profession. Isaac is a self-driven youth leader with considerable experience working in several multi-national teams across diverse age groups and organizational hierarchies. He is passionate about building impactful multi-lateral institutions, as well as, large global corporations whilst contributing to solving some of Africa’s most intractable challenges. Working in various diverse and inclusive teams exposed him to various cultures across the world making him appreciate the differences we have and use them to achieve positive results.

A huge thank you to the organization’s Board of Directors, committed staff for making this transition seamless. Under Isaac’s leadership, we will continue to build upon UNYPA’s great legacy, working alongside our Board members, staff, Ambassadors(Mr Y+ Otim Oscar and Miss Y+ Aol Gladys)  and partners to pursue our strategic goals.

We are glad to have been joined by new international donors and partners Comic Relief and Grand Challenge Canada; we are excited to work today to create a safe space for Young People living with HIV in Uganda.

We look forward with great anticipation to the year ahead, meeting and working with Donors and Partners old and new.  Happy New Year!


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